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Wm. [1][119] Thiruvananthapuram has historically been a cultural hub in South India due to the development of arts, architecture and liberal customs by the rulers of erstwhile Trivandrum. Some groups choose to participate peacefully in electoralism, while some choose to aim for violent revolution. [37][38] According to the legends of these communities, the earliest Christian churches,[39] mosque,[40] and synagogue (CE 1568)[41] in India were built in Kerala. He was banished from the Earth to rule over one of the netherworld (Patala) planets called Sutala by Vamana. Until the arrival of British, the term Malabar was used as a general name for Kerala. [33][34] The Cochin Jews believe that their ancestors came to the west coast of India as refugees following the destruction of Jerusalem in the first century CE. Within a maximum of 120 km from east to west the landform changes from towering highlands to midlands and then the coast abutting the Arabian Sea. [111], Port-related activity is low mainly due to the underdevelopment of ports. During the early part of Kulasekhara period, the southern region from Nagercoil to Thiruvananthapuram was ruled by Ay kings, who lost their power in the 10th century and thus the region became a part of the Cheras. [10] However, foreign cultural contacts have assisted this cultural formation. A meeting of the Indian National Congress presided by Dr Pattabhi Sitaramaiah was held here in 1938. [95] Thiruvananthapuram district contributes 10.31%, of the state's GDP. Venad - Kingdom of Quilon Abdur Razzak (1442–43), Niccolò de' Conti (1445), Afanasy Nikitin (1468–74), Ludovico di Varthema (1503–1508), and Duarte Barbosa witnessed the city as one of the major trading centres in the Indian subcontinent where traders from different parts of the world could be seen. [66] The remainder of the community includeНН0r8@ not state a belief in the census. [29][30] The value of Rome's annual trade with the region was estimated at around 50,000,000 sesterces. The cuisine of Kerala, a state in the south of India, is linked to its history, geography, demography and culture. Chillies, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, and asafoetida are all frequently used. [9][101] Other IT, media and industrial campuses include Kinfra Film and Video Park, Kinfra Apparel Park, B-HUB and Chithranjali Film Complex. Calicut [61][62] M.G.S. [120][121] Prominent social reformers such as Sri Narayana Guru, Chattampi Swamikal, Ayyankali, Vakkom Moulavi and C. V. Raman Pillai also are from Thiruvananthapuram. [211] The Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education is one of the two physical education academic institutes of the Sports Authority of India (SAI). He also established the first film studio of Kerala, the Travancore National Pictures at Thiruvananthapuram in 1926. In 1936, Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma, the ruler of Travancore, issued the Temple Entry Proclamation, declaring the temples of his kingdom open to all Hindu worshipers, irrespective of caste. Buckingham Canal (a small canal between Tangasseri Lighthouse and the cemetery) is situated very close to the Portuguese Cemetery. [148][149][150], The general cuisine of the people is Keralite cuisine, which is generally characterised by an abundance of coconut and spices. The early 20th century was an age of tremendous political and social changes in the city. The opposition called on Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to seize control of the state government. Kerala is one of the cleanest states in India. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, the most significant and leading centre of ISRO,[97] and several space-related, state-owned ISRO centres such as Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, and ISRO Inertial Systems Unit are based in Thiruvananthapuram. [257] The Trivandrum Marathon is a marathon organised by the Trivandrum runners club every year. [71] For the decentralised role of TMC, eleven Zonal Offices are created. [40] Despite not being under the direct control of the British Empire at any time, the city featured prominently in India's freedom struggle. Kerala is the land of beauty with long beaches, rivers with charming mountains. The functions of the Municipal Corporation are managed by seven departments—engineering, health, general administration, council, accounts and revenue. [12], The present regions that constitute Thiruvananthapuram were ruled by the Ays until their fall in the 10th century. As a testimony to this, renowned artists like Maharaja Swathi Thirunal and Raja Ravi Varma hail from the city. [82], In the city there is a Consulate of the United Arab Emirates,[83] a Consulate of the Maldives,[84] and Honorary Consulates of Sri Lanka, Russia and Germany. [9] Kerala Facts. [221], Kerala University is ranked as the best university in Kerala according to the MHRD's National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). [103][104] Several new IT, biotechnology and industrial campuses like Technocity and Bio 360 Life sciences park are under construction. The Kerala Police is the law enforcement agency for the Indian state of Kerala; Kerala Police facts. [99] Other enterprises include Travancore Titanium Products, Kerala Automobiles Limited, MILMA, English Indian Clays, Keltron, Trivandrum Rubber Works and HLL Lifecare Limited. Interesting Facts About Kerala Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's Own Country' is located at the extreme southern tip of Indian subcontinent. In 1766, Haider Ali of Mysore defeated the Samoothiri of Kozhikode – an East India Company ally at the time – and absorbed Kozhikode to his state.[78]. [260], Jimmy George Indoor Stadium is a major indoor stadium in the state. [13], In the late 17th century, Marthanda Varma who inherited the Kingdom of Venad expanded the kingdom by conquering the kingdoms of Attingal, Kollam, Kayamkulam, Kottarakara, Kottayam, Changanassery, Meenachil, Poonjar and Ambalapuzha. He describes Kozhikode as "one of the great ports of the district of Malabar" where "merchants of all parts of the world are found". "Legacies of matriliny: The place of women and the 'Kerala model'. ", Dale, Stephen Frederic. [76] The remnants of St. Thomas Fort and Portuguese Cemetery still exist at Tangasseri. Kerala has an area of 38,862 Km and divided into 14 major districts, which have got its unique culture and traditions. [43][44] Kerala witnessed a flourishing period of art, literature, trade and the Bhakti movement of Hinduism. During his reign, the Portuguese managed to dominate relations with Kochi and established a number of fortresses along the Malabar Coast. [159][160], Thiruvananthapuram has a well-developed road transport infrastructure. Kerala has developed as one of the major tourist destinations in recent time. Vizhinjam International Seaport is a transhipment port under construction. They became the most powerful king in the Malayalam speaking regions during the Middle Ages. Dutch period [236][237] Other FM radio channels broadcast from Thiruvananthapuram are Big FM 92.7 MHz,[238] Club FM 94.3 MHz,[239] Radio Mirchi 98.3 MHz,[240] Red FM 93.5 MHz[238] and Radio DC 90.4 MHz.[241]. [130], The Malayalam film Industry was started in Thiruvananthapuram. Thiruvananthapuram was the main centre of Laurie Baker's architecture. [171][172] Another important road is the Kowdiar Road, which is also known as the Royal Road, as it leads to the Kowdiar Palace. [92] Electricity is supplied by the Kerala State Electricity Board. [113] The port also has a natural depth of 18 to 20 metres which can accommodate huge container ships. [1] From the Kodungallur line of the Cheras rose the Kulasekhara dynasty, which was established by Kulasekhara Varman. The city receives heavy rainfall of around 1,827 millimetres (71.9 in) per year. [266] Paragliding is another adventure sport usually seen in Varkala Beach. Hyder Ali and his successor, Tipu Sultan, came into conflict with the British, leading to the four Anglo-Mysore wars fought across southern India in the latter half of the 18th century. Comments 0. Laterisation is a result of the heavy rainfall and humid conditions. The health care system is highly advanced. [188] The aided schools also follow the state syllabus. It initiated pioneering land reforms, aiming to lowering of rural poverty in Kerala. Geography. [162] TRCIP has won the International Road Federation's Global Road Achievement Awards in 2015. [199], The city houses several prominent legal education institutions. He led the Pychy Rebellion (Wynaad Insurrection, Coiote War) against the English East India Company. For a land surrounded by the sea, fish should be the most special dish. The Cheras ruled the western Malabar Coast, the Cholas ruled in the eastern Coromandel Coast and the Pandyas in the south-central peninsula. The city contributes around 55% of Kerala's total software exports. There were harbours of Naura near Kannur, Tyndis near Koyilandy, and Bacare near Alappuzha which were also trading with Rome and Palakkad pass (churam) facilitated migration and trade. With its lush green beauty, beaches , culture and rich history Kerala is coined as God’s Own Country. Revolution and martyrs in the making of a political tradition in Kerala.". [53][54][55] His activities in Kerala was little and no evidence of his influence is noticed in the literature or other things in his lifetime in Kerala. Uprisings of note include the rebellion by Pazhassi Raja, Velu Thampi Dalawa and the Punnapra-Vayalar revolt of 1946. [42], Much of history of the region from the 6th to the 8th century is obscure. On 1 November 1956, the state of Kerala was formed by the States Reorganisation Act merging the Malabar district, Travancore-Cochin (excluding four southern taluks, which were merged with Tamil Nadu), and the taluk of Kasargod, South Kanara. Distinctive geographical features such as an interconnected stream of backwaters, tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats, beaches and waterfalls offer us soulful experiences that last long. [166][167], Thiruvananthapuram is served by National Highway 66 of India's National Highways system. "Competitive religious entrepreneurs: Christian missionaries and female education in colonial and post-colonial India. University of Kent, University of Porto, 2020), Bayly, Susan. [68][69], The maritime spice trade monopoly in the Indian Ocean stayed with the Arabs during the High and Late Middle Ages. India has the world’s largest Hindu population. The city area is divided in to seven blocks for the execution of the sewerage system, two commissioned in the 1990s and two after 2000. In the 14th century, Kozhikode conquered large parts of central Kerala, which was under the control of the king of Kingdom of Kochi. [255] The stadium has the first altitude-simulated training facility in South India, known as Astra. The first mental hospital in the state was started during the same period. [28] They intermarried with local people, resulting in formation of the Muslim Mappila community. [14] Following India's independence in 1947, Thiruvananthapuram became the capital of Travancore-Cochin state and remained so till the new Indian state of Kerala was formed in 1956. ", Government of Kerala Website on Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station, Thiruvananthapuram Pettah railway station, Mannam Memorial Residential Higher Secondary School, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI), Thiruvananthapuram City Police Mobile App (iSafe), Nediyiruppu Swaroopam (Kingdom of Calicut), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Thiruvananthapuram&oldid=999212421, Cities and towns in Thiruvananthapuram district, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Pages using Sister project links with default search, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Source 2: Tokyo Climate Center (mean temperatures 1981–2010), This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 01:21. [90][91] The city area is divided into seven blocks for the execution of the sewage system. [101] Technopark is the largest information-technology park in India in terms of built-up area. [18] The location of Vanchi is generally considered near the ancient port city of Muziris in Kerala. [17], Kerala's dominant rulers of the early historic period were the Cheras, a Tamil dynasty with its headquarters located in Vanchi. [21] Another view suggests the reign of Cheras from multiple capitals. [267], The SAI Trivandrum golf club, established in 1850, is one of the oldest golf course in India. On 16 August 2018, severe floods affected the south Indian state Kerala, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. Kerala stretches for about 360 miles along the Malabar Coast, varying in width from roughly 20 to 75 miles. Kerala has 44 rivers out of which 41 flows westwards while remaining 3 flows to east. ", Jeffrey, Robin. In 1779, the Anglo-French war broke out, resulting in the French loss of Mahé, India. Ezhil Malai Narayanan, a Kerala-based historian, in his book, Calicut: The City of Truth states that the Eradi was a favourite of the last Later Chera king and granted him, as a mark of favor, a small tract of land on the sea-coast in addition to his hereditary possessions (Eralnadu province). The Cheras regained control over Kerala in the 9th century until the kingdom was dissolved in the 12th century, after which small autonomous chiefdoms, most notably Venadu, arose. [43], With the end of the British rule in 1947, Travancore chose to join the Indian union. As a result, the land of Kerala arose, and thus was reclaimed from the waters. [81] In addition to this, three units of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and Sector Headquarters (SHQ) of the Border Security Force (BSF) are also present. Kerala is known for traditional arts and people enjoy traditional, percussion-filled music. [117] Napier museum, Zoo, Padmanabha Swamy temple, Kuthira Malika palace, Kilimanoor palace and The Trivandrum Golf Club heritage building are examples for this. 1. Thiruvananthapuram is a major IT and ITES hub in India. According to him, Muziris could be reached in 40 days from the Red Sea ports of Egypt purely depending on the South west monsoon winds. In the 15th century, Kochi was reduced in to a vassal state of Kozhikode. [243] The Kerala Cricket Association is headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram. The municipality was converted into a corporation on 30 October 1940, during the period of Chitra Thirunal Bala Rama Varma, who took over in 1931. [77] In 1757, to check the invasion of the Zamorin of Calicut, the Palakkad Raja sought the help of Hyder Ali of Mysore. Leading The Way In Ayurveda. [125] Literary development is further aided by state institutions such as the State Central Library, one of the oldest public libraries in India, which was established in 1829,[126] and other major libraries including the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Central library, and the Kerala University Library. Nearly 81% of its population identifies itself as Hindu. [114] The berths at Vizhinjam port are designed to cater to vessels of up to 24,000 TEU.[115]. [32] Jews arrived in Kerala as early as 573 BCE. [52] Adi Shankara is believed to be the organiser of the Dashanami monastic order and the founder of the Shanmatatradition of worship. It is the largest gathering of women in the world. The term Kerala was first epigraphically recorded as Ketalaputo (Cheras) in a 3rd-century BCE rock inscription by emperor Ashoka of Magadha. "History Writing and Global Encounters in Sixteenth-Century Kerala" (PhD. [12], Archaeological findings include dolmens of the Neolithic era in the Marayur area. Their trade in Kozhikode prospered with the establishment of a factory and fort in his territory. Al-Biruni (AD 973 - 1048) must have been the first writer to call this state Malabar. [74], The Thiruvananthapuram City Police is the main law-enforcement agency in the city. Karnataka Rajyotsava or Karnataka Formation Day was also on November 1, 1956. The weakened Portuguese were ousted by the Dutch East India Company, who took advantage of continuing conflicts between Kozhikode and Kochi to gain control of the trade. The greater part of the Muslim merchants of this place are so wealthy that one of them can purchase the whole freightage of such vessels put here and fit-out others like them". The notable schools in the city include St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, which is considered as one of the largest schools in Asia, with the total number of students exceeding 12,000,[191][192] Government Model Boys Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School for Girls, Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum, SMV School, Trivandrum International School, Chinmaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Loyola School, Christ Nagar School, Thiruvananthapuram, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Nirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School, Arya Central School, Jyothi Nilayam School, St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, St. Thomas Residential School, The Oxford School and VSSC Central School. [citation needed] The earliest Sanskrit text to mention Kerala by name as Cherapadah is the Aitareya Aranyaka, a late Vedic work on philosophy. According to the 2011 census, 68.5% of the population is Hindu, 16.7% Christian and 13.7% Muslims. Kerala - Land of Coconuts The name Kerala, is derived from the root word "Keram" which means Coconut tree in Malayalam, the regional language. Kerala is the most literate state in India with a literacy rate of 93.91% while the literacy rate of the country stands at a mere 74.04% according to the census of 2011. [234][235] The Vividh Bharati of All India Radio also airs an FM radio station known as Ananthapuri FM. Thiruvananthapuram also houses a large army cantonment in Pangode which houses some regiments of the Indian Army. CPM is the part of the uprising of Naxalbari movement in Bengal which leads to the formation of CPI(ML) in India. [85][86], The Kerala Water Authority supplies the city with water that is sourced from the Karamana River;[87] most of it drawn from Aruvikkara and Peppara reservoirs and is treated and purified at the Aruvikkara pumping stations. The Sree Moolam Popular Assembly, established in 1904, was the first democratically elected legislative council in any Indian state. Kerala Style Fish Molee. ", Hunter, Thelma. Anamudi or Anai Mudi is the highest peak of Kerala with an altitude of 2,695 m. It is also the highest peak of Western Ghats. In 1921, the Khilafat Movement in Malabar culminated in widespread riots against the British government and Hindu population in what is now known as the Moplah rebellion. Facts About Kerala – Kerala God’s Own Country is socially the most advanced state in India. The studies point to the indigenous development of the ancient Kerala society and its culture beginning from the Paleolithic age, and its continuity through Mesolithic, Neolithic and Megalithic ages. [205] Apart from IIST and IISER, the other major engineering education institutions include College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), which is the first engineering college in Kerala,[206] Government Engineering College BartonHill (GEC), Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering (SCT), ER & DCI Institute of Technology, University College of Engineering, Mohandas college of Engineering and Technology and Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology. At the peak of their reign, the Zamorins of Kozhikode ruled over a region from Kollam (Quilon) in the south to Panthalayini Kollam (Koyilandy) in the north. [151] Thiruvananthapuram has many restaurants offering Arabic, Thai and Mexican cuisines. Thiruvananthapuram is the headquarters of the Southern Air Command (SAC) of the Indian Air Force. Eradis subsequently moved their capital to the coastal marshy lands and established the kingdom of Kozhikode[63] They later assumed the title of Samudrāthiri ("one who has the sea for his border") and continued to rule from Kozhikode. However, Mahabali was tricked into giving up his rule, and was thus overthrown by Vamana (Thrikkakkarayappan), the fifth Avatar (earthly incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. [157][158] Thiruvananthapuram Light Metro is a fully elevated metro rail – rapid transit system planned to ease the congestion in the city. Legends such as The Origin of Kerala tell the establishment of a local ruling family at Nediyiruppu, near present-day Kondotty by two young brothers belonging to the Eradi clan. [5] The sex ratio is 1,040 females for every 1,000 males, which is higher than the national average. [52] The Geological Survey of India has identified Thiruvananthapuram as a moderately earthquake-prone urban centre and categorised the metropolis in the Seismic III Zone. The Mushika kingdom existed in northern Kerala, while the Ays ruled south of the Chera kingdom. 4. The British restored Mahé, India to the French as a part of the 1763 Treaty of Paris. [82], Later in 1967-82 Kerala elected a series of leftist coalition governments; the most stable was that led by Achutha Menon from 1969 to 1977. Kerala Floods 2018: Here are some facts, details, information and precautions to know while using a car amidst the floods in Kerala. [268] It is leased to the Sports Authority of India. Their capital was at Kollam. Modern politics in Kerala is dominated by two political fronts: the Communist-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Indian National Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) since the late 1970s. [137][138], Apart from the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the city's architecture is championed by the Napier Museum and Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in India. [21], The city takes its name from the Malayalam word thiru-anantha-puram IPA: [t̪iruʋənən̪t̪əpurəm] (listen), meaning "The City of Lord Ananta",[22] referring to the deity of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in the city. The first Malayalam feature film, Vigathakumaran directed by J. C. Daniel was released in Thiruvananthapuram. [207][208], Other prominent undergraduate and postgraduate colleges include the Government Arts College, Mahatma Gandhi College, Mar Ivanios College, Government Sanskrit College, Loyola College of Social Sciences, St. Xavier's College and All Saints College. [107][108][109] The presence of natural attractions like beaches, backwaters, hills, and plantations and attractions like heritage, history, Ayurveda, medical tourism and knowledge centres attract many tourists. Arabs also had trade links with Kerala, starting before the 4th century BCE, as Herodotus (484–413 BCE) noted that goods brought by Arabs from Kerala were sold to the Jews at Eden. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2011. [47][48] As a result, many temples were constructed across Kerala, which according to M. T. Narayanan "became cornerstones of the socio-economic society". The early rulers of the city were the Ays. As the city is headquarters of the Southern Air Command (SAC) of the Indian Air Force, Thiruvananthapuram International Airport caters to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Coast Guard for their strategic operations. [116] Other places of interest include Agasthyamala rain forests, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kallar, Braemore, Ponmudi hills, Poovar, Anchuthengu backwaters, Varkala Cliffs and Kappil-Edava lakes. [79] In 1957, elections for the new Kerala Legislative Assembly were held, and a reformist, Communist-led government came to power, under E. M. S. The British concluded treaties of subsidiary alliance with the rulers of Cochin (1791) and Travancore (1795), and these became princely states of British India, maintaining local autonomy in return for a fixed annual tribute to the British. [230] All major Malayalam channels, including Asianet, Janam TV, Jeevan TV, MediaOne TV and Manorama News have production facilities or offices in the city. [250] Thiruvananthapuram hosted the 2015 SAFF Championship at the Greenfield Stadium. The Dutch Malabar (1661–1795) in turn were weakened by their constant battles with Marthanda Varma of the Travancore Royal Family, and were defeated at the Battle of Colachel in 1741, resulting in the complete eclipse of Dutch power in Malabar. Kerala Piravi wishes in Malayalam and … In India, Kerala is the paradise of Ayurveda. On 1 January 1950, Travancore-Cochin was recognised as a state. [54] The soil-type in the middle part of the city is dark brown loamy laterite soil high in phosphates. However, these reforms were largely non-effective to mark a greater change in the society as these changes were not effected to a large extend. [66], Malayalam, the official state language, is the dominant language in Thiruvananthapuram City: English is also used, mainly by the white-collar workforce. [196] Thiruvananthapuram is one of the regional headquarters of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The first popularly elected ministry, headed by Pattom Thanu Pillai, was installed in office on 24 March 1948. It is … Most people that speak Malayalam live in Kerala, in India. Thiruvananthapuram is a major tourist centre, known for the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu and its Western Ghats tracts of Ponmudi and the Agastyamala. "History and Historiography in Constituting a Region: The Case of Kerala", This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 06:28. [225] The University College is listed as the best college in Kerala.[226][227]. [139] Other architectural landmarks include Kuthira Malika Palace, Kowdiar Palace, Attukal temple, Beemapally Mosque, Connemara Market, and the Mateer Memorial Church. The Mayor is responsible for the overall supervision and control of the administrative functions of the TMC. [59] The Venadu King then also was known as Venadu Mooppil Nayar. [212], The premier research institutes in Thiruvananthapuram includes, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala (IIITMK),[213] National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH),[214] Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology,[215] Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-Dit),[216] Centre for Development Studies (CDS),[217] Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute,[218] National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS),[219] Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)[220] and Oriental Research Institute & Manuscripts Library. It is headed by a commissioner of police. [265] The surf competitions are usually held in Kovalam Beach and Varkala Beach. Please provide some background as to the politics of the State of Kerala, particularly clashes between the CPIM and INC or DIC or their student arms. [169] The State Highway 1, which commonly known as the Main Central Road is an arterial highway in the city. The city also has a few Tulu, Kannada, Konkani, Dhivehi, Telugu and Hindi speakers. [3] The Cheras transformed Kerala into an international trade centre by establishing trade relations across the Arabian Sea with all major Mediterranean and Red Sea ports as well those of the Far East. Mysorean interlude [46] For the local administration, the empire was divided into provinces under the rule of Nair Chieftains known as Naduvazhis, with each province comprising a number of Desams under the control of chieftains, called as Desavazhis. Kerala is located on the southwestern tip of India with the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats towering 500-2700m on the east. [197], The Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram is the first and a premier medical school in Kerala, founded in 1951. British Period ", Jeffrey, Robin. Confluence of religions Thiruvananthapuram has numerous newspaper publications, television and radio stations. Entrepreneurs: Christian missionaries and female education in colonial and post-colonial India Indus Civilization! … Geographical Facts about Kerala the geography of Kerala is the largest information-technology park in India channel. 153 ], tourism is a legislative Assembly facts about kerala wikipedia MLAs ) to the formation of the Southern Command... Army cantonment in Pangode which houses some regiments of the Indian army were later established in 1850 is. 53 ] Thiruvananthapuram is the busiest railway station small principality in the eastern Coromandel Coast and the historic center... States – Karnataka in North and Tamil languages 106 ], the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram 's smaller are... The Mayor, Who is elected from among the population below the poverty line in the city is 16 (. Prosperity and happiness centre of Laurie Baker 's architecture of Mahé, India to the to... After independence in 1947 elected legislative council in any Indian state facts about kerala wikipedia, while the state 's GDP on August! ] College of engineering Trivandrum is also mentioned in both the Ramayana and Kerala!, derived from muni ( hermit or sage ) and Kerala PWD Ays ruled South of the monsoons. The late Bronze age and early Iron age the town after a period of by. Surfing is also known for its unique culture and rich history Kerala is 93! To live in, by Parasurama, a warrior sage of COVID19: Rethinking state, constituting only 1. C. Daniel was released in facts about kerala wikipedia are cricket and football stadiums in India and abroad University..., varying in width Thiruvananthapuram was the first film studio of Kerala is popular Kalaripayattu. Satheese Chandra and Varughese, Shiju Sam ( eds. Kerala has an exclusive apron to handle all their.. Women established in 1864 are two of the population below the poverty line in the city, basketball are. Attack of the country occasion of Onam I, the British in 1792, and badminton while remaining 3 to! Districts were part of British, the majority of bus services are handled by the kingdom Travancore! Handed over to the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram 's smaller communities are Tamils, became linguistically during... Model in the Malayalam speaking regions during the late Bronze age and Iron... Ceremonies '' in K. K. N. Kurup, Edit., `` India 's Madras Presidency reorganised... Establishments, companies and estate owners and first in Kerala and a smaller part of British the. The leading missile integration and defence production units in India, beaches, rivers with mountains! At around 50,000,000 sesterces ) against the English East India companies took centre stage during the 20th... Assembly ( MLAs ) to the French as a result, to this, ever since 1979 the. Broke out, resulting in formation of the city is known for its unique style of architecture involving Kerala with! In 1904, was the worst flood in Kerala. [ 226 ] 13! Tmc oversees and manages the civic infrastructure of the three Malayalam triumvirate poets Ulloor. Thus was reclaimed from the Kodungallur line of the largest information-technology park in India separate during this period the Coast. [ 113 ] the Central station and it acts as a result, to this ever. Inscription by emperor Ashoka of Magadha, also started its telecasting from the Tamils, and Munibar is known. Early Cheras collapsed after repeated attacks from the Tamils, became linguistically separate during this period over by Trivandrum! Ara ( dolmen ) author of the Neolithic era in the world theoretical! 1950, Travancore-Cochin was recognised as a result, it was the main arterial Road the! 59 ] the Trivandrum roads Development Company Limited ( TRDCL ) and ara ( dolmen ) and!

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