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what is grapevine communication

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Grapevine is a form of informal communication. Grapevine communication can be understood as an informal network of networks that the workforce utilizes for passing on the information to each other. Communication is one of the key features of an organization. “Grapevine communication is defined as unstructured and Informal network formed on social relationship rather than organizational charts or job descriptions. Here in this form of communication, the person transfers the information to selected individuals, who further transfer the information to other selected individuals. In the dog days of December, HR Grapevine was lucky enough to sit down with Helen Willets, Director of Internal Communications at the telecommunications giant, as she shared some communication lessons for HR teams, revealing why transparency, leadership buy-in, speed, community advocacy and autonomy are crucial parts of any communication strategy – whilst also revealing why … We will go for that after a few moments. On the other hand, they may also think twice about taking a necessary risk and doing the right thing, fearful that appearances that may give rise to rumors. The conversation during such times revolves around your work, yet it remains unofficial and forms informal or personal relationships between you and your team members. Since grapevine communication is an integral part of communication system it works side by side with the formal communication. Authorities should intervene if anything goes wrong. Grapevine communication definition . Let's stay in touch :), Your email address will not be published. Grapevine means a source of secret information. What is Grapevine Communication. And I teach you how to participate in a smart way, so you don't get caught in the drama. The terms rumors and gossip are used sometimes interchangeably, but rumors are not quite the same as gossip. Even though the grapevine serves a useful purpose, it also poses some disadvantages for the organization where it lives. In the probability chain, the person transferring the information is not sure about whom to pass the information. Spontaneity: Grapevine communication is spontaneous as it is passed automatically from the top level of the organization to the bottom level without any difficulty in delivering the message. Grapevine communication is an informal communication pathway. In this form of communication, the information is transmitted to a trustworthy person who further transfers it to another trustworthy person hence forming a chain. Grapevine communication is informal workplace dialogue in its purest form: it is characterized by conversations between employees and superiors that do not follow any prescribed structure or rule-based system. Moreover, this form of communication is not backed by any rules; hence it is impossible to control the spread of information. The conversation during such times revolves around your work, yet it remains unofficial and forms informal or personal relationships between you and your team members. It does not follow any prescribed or predetermined rule and spreads any information quickly. Grapevine Definition in Business Communication. 1 Comment Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on pinterest_shareMore Sharing Services26 What is grapevine communication? Grapevine Communication What is Grapevine Communication? It can be done through formal channels. Grapevine communication is undoubtedly the need for every organization to function smoothly- Day to day communication between employees and employees-authorities, which are informal fall in the same category. Human Resource Planning or HRP – Objectives, Importance and Steps, Delegation | Difference between Delegation and Work Direction, 15 Tips for Leading By Example and being better leader. Unlike communication via emails, intranets and other formal communication channels in the workplace, grapevine communication is the informal way of communication that happens within organizations. So, grapevine communication can be beneficial for the company’s productivity only if accurate information spreads in a controlled manner. Grapevine communication creates a social bond where none existed. Info spreads by Rumors and Gossip. Just type!...Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. It is used by management to spread information that either cannot be shared officially or … It can be used positively for the organization’s betterment, like getting feedback from employees and so on. Grapevine communication is communication from one person to the next. It is called so because it stretches throughout the organization in all directions irrespective of the authority levels. Even in organizations where management is very proactive about communicating change and keeping employees informed, the grapevine helps to fill in the blanks. (2012), grapevine communication is the informal communication network within an organization which is used to spread information bypassing the formal communication structure. I am a serial entrepreneur & I created Marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world. From its definition, Grapevine Communication is a form of informal communication that is usually based on rumours. Importance and Steps, Oral Communication: Definition, Importance and Examples, Communication Cycle: Definition, Barriers and Importance. Both are pieces of information that can't be verified, but rumors tend to affect organizations or groups of people, while gossip refers to more personal matters. Grapevine is an informal mode of communication which can be used as an effective tool by sensible managers who like to test the waters before making any unlikely / strong decisions or in case of policy change in the company. So, we came across numerous benefits of grapevine communication, but it also holds certain disadvantages that are listed below. Another main disadvantage of grapevine communication is that it's often used to spread more than rumors; it's used to spread gossip. Like a grapevine plant it grows fast, spreads to any direction and goes a … It means gossip, usually gossip that spreads and covers a lot of ground (a lot of people), much like vines do. If the information is emotionally unhealthy for someone, then it may lead to an emotional breakdown. So, grapevine communication can be described as a casual and unofficial communication system within the organization. Many have asked why such type of communication is called grapevine. Disadvantages of Grapevine. Grapevine is that mode of communication which drags the people away from the invisible cage of protocols and rules. This form of communication follow no formal rules; hence misunderstanding may arise quite often. Spontaneity: Grapevine communication is spontaneous as it is passed automatically from the top level of the organization to the bottom level without any difficulty in delivering the message. Entering your story is easy to do. Misunderstanding and emotional breakdown. Grapevine is an informal communication network, which ignores formal channels of communication and spreads rumors and gossips at all levels of the business organization. Such messages are essential for the proper functioning of the organization. This is a derivative of the common phrase Opens in new window “Heard it through the grapevine”.. For example, “I heard through the grapevine that Jane is the secret informant.” Grapevine communication helps there urge to talk. Using Grapevine Communication effectively as a workplace communication tool There are many reasons why grapevine communication exists within the office environment and is one of the business communication activities that occurs in any company. Large organisations, where there are many people who are working closely, create certain unofficial or informal communication channels. In the opinion of R.W. Although every business-organization has its formal channels of communication, the informal channel of communication called grapevine also operates in it. Communication Of The Grapevine And Electronic Communication 857 Words | 4 Pages. Workplace Communication Methods. Let us see how an organization can develop a grapevine communication culture for increasing productivity –. In this form of communication, information converges a long way by passing from one person to another person leaving no indication from which point it started. Click the button and find it on your computer. A grapevine communication is a form of informal communication by which people communicates each other without any formal line of communication. Since we don’t know what part is fire and what is smoke, we accept the whole rumor. The grapevine consists a complex network of informal contacts between the workers at all levels, wherever there are human beings, there is grapevine. Grapevine communication spreads rapidly and likely touches each person throughout the organization. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At first we desire … Although the most obvious reason is that nosey people are everywhere, there is also another more credible reason. Grapevine is an informal channel of business communication. September 21, 2020 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Management articles. ending issues is communication within an organization. Then select it. Do you have any instances of grapevine communication in your organization that you would like to share here? Think of the lunch meetings you attend with your team. It is called so because it stretches throughout the organization in all directions irrespective of the authority levels. Every role within an organization holds a set of messages that employees should share– grapevine is helpful there. Paradoxically, it’s also the bane of managers and supervisors everywhere. Let’s look at different types of grapevine communication and then understand its importance –, Grapevine communication has been categorized into four subsets. But avoiding the grapevine, or even worse, pretending it doesn’t exist, is the worst possible thing you can do. You can follow me on Facebook. Grapevine communication is based entirely on feelings and emotions; hence their importance can never be denied in any organization of any size. Grapevine communication is an informal channel of business communication. Topics: Rumor, Organizational communication, Gossip Pages: 7 (2410 words) Published: August 26, 2012. It is kind of horizontal communication, which takes place within a group, between persons of equal status. A grapevine effect is highly beneficial for the company. GRAPEVINE AND ITS MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION Grapevine is an informal channel of business communication. problem with grapevine communication within the workplace. We are thankful for their diligence to create a site that’s an integral part of our communications. Grapevine communication is when you receive information informally or unofficially through informal channels or communication paths, i.e., gossip or rumor. Grapevine communication is synonymous with rumors. The Grapevine can foment hostility against leaders. On one hand, people will think twice about taking what they know is a wrong course of action. It flows in all directions irrespective of the hierarchy. If a rumor gets going, it won’t take long until the rumor is there in the whole organization. Grapevine communication is an informal mode of communication but it plays an instrumental role in aiding the formal methods of communication in every organization. Advantages of grapevine communication 1. When gossip is being spread through the grapevine, people's reputations, careers, and lives can get destroyed very rapidly. Have you found other pluses or minuses of the grapevine? The gist is if the information is appropriate, it will be beneficial for the organization, whereas if it turns out to be false, it can have severe negative impacts. So, without delaying any further, let us get started-. Informal communication lends itself to bonding. The communication mostly occurs in open discussions; hence maintenance of secrecy is almost impossible. Recognizing its pros and cons can help you use it to your advantage. If the sense of respect and mutual understanding is not present in the climate, then grapevine will never be fruitful; hence organization should aim for developing a healthy climate. By definition, grapevine is a form of informal communication that is usually based on rumors. Managers should promote this under the grapevine ecosystem. More and wide information can be transmitted through grapevine communication system. To justify our participation in spreading the rumor, we tell ourselves that part of it must be true. Griffin, “The grapevine is an informal communication network that can permeate an organization.”. Usually present in … Do you have a great story about this? Definition of Grapevine Communication, Meaning of Grapevine Communication, Types of Grapevine discussed below here-What is Grapevine Communication. Since the information is mostly partial and not-backed by facts, the chances of misunderstanding are high. I was eighteen and working in a day camp created by …, For additional articles about communication in the workplace, you can visit Workplace Communication, Copyright © 2009 - 2014 | People Communicating | All Rights Rserved, Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics (optional). We also discuss the pros and cons of grapevine communication. Informal Communication can be Good and Bad I work as a human resource manager in a MNC bank. The grapevine is used to spread information bypassing the formal communication structure. A vine on which grapes grow. This type of information communication goes up, sideways, down, and diagonally in an organization, and it spreads the information by using separate means from the formal channels of communication. We also tend to believe the person sharing the rumor with us. It’s a form of communication that’s bound to exist in an organization, and it is a self-proven fact that whatsoever be the effect of grapevine on the organization, management cannot do away with it. Psychology Definition of GRAPEVINE: the term used to describe the unofficial channel of communication where information, especially rumors and gossip, is passed informally from person to Importance, Elements & Types Explained, Horizontal Communication - Definition, Meaning, Types, Features, Written Communication - Meaning, Types, Advantages, Importance of Communication and its Benefits, Assertive Communication - Importance, Characteristics and Improvement, What is Crisis Communication? In times of change, recruiters, managers, and business owners need to step up their communication endeavors. It spreads faster than wild fire. As the name suggests, in this form of communication, a person transfers exciting information to a group of people. Grapevine. Click here to upload more images (optional). There are talkative people everywhere; you can’t deny that. This article will explain the right ways of using this form of information communication for the benefit of your organization. According to Bovee and Others, “Grapevine is an informal interpersonal channel of information not officially sanctioned by the organization. Grapevine is an informal channel of business communication. For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story.TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph. The manager in this example is likely to pass information across her three main, informal networks. The main reason why we give credence to a rumor is that it seems to match what we think about the situation or person that the rumor is about. It is also difficult to find out the beginning and the end of the grapevine. Just like the grapevine plant: it spreads in random ways and it goes where it can. Great! Grapevine is an informal and unofficial means of communication.

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