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anime with a sad main character

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Join Fanpop; ... She's such a sad character, I'd cry for her/with her any day. ^^ question and answer in the Anime club. Hakuouki Hekketsuroku is an Anime where the main character dies and it’s a 2010 Studio Deen Production. posted over a year ago nyxi said: rika furude by far. In the anime industry, there exist a few animes that are extremely sorrowful such that they remain popular till this day. For today, we will check out sad anime. Relationships can also make an anime sad. Miserable anime characters have depth to their character for good reason: they’ve been through the gates of hell.. And even if they make it back to the “light” at the end of the tunnel, they’re emotionally damaged. (Topic ID: 1451670) Tears to Tiara is the next number of the best harem anime that presents strong and strong female characters. An anime might not be sad overall, but we can’t help but cry over the character’s misfortunes. Any anime with sad or outcast main characters? All of the main characters have some sad moments in their life, and you slowly find out more about them throughout the story. No anime fan could forget how they laughed, smiled, and cried when they watched the growing relationship between Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad , and Clannad: After Story . This melancholic sad anime movie is definitely a helping hand to the ones suffering from depression. - Just curious, i would be glad if you also posted a pic of that character. The most saddest and miserable anime character you have ever seen? Read the topic about Anime with Depressed Main Character? Genres: Action, Drama, Historical, Josei, Samurai, Supernatural ⇓ Synopsis ⇓ After the conclusion of Hakuouki, Chizuru Yukimura and the Shinsengumi flee Kyoto and set sail for Edo. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! This might be my favorite anime, because I could not stop laughing through the whole thing. From being happy, to shocked, to being hyped, anime can even make us feel sad. I want something like Naruto (how Naruto and Gaara were shunned because they were jinjuriki) Or Elfen Lied *Lucy was an outcast cause she had horns) It doesn't nessecarily have to be a sad story, but can you explain to me in what way they are are outcasts? (Read Description)? The main character is Elizabeth a kick-ass princess and you will go on amazing adventures while looking for the Seven Deadly Sins so she can seek justice and take back her kingdom. Not every miserable anime character turns out this way, but for the most miserable out there – that’s what I’ll focus on.. Let’s get straight to it. There are many reasons why we feel sad when we watch certain anime. You can watch Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day on Amazon Prime Video. All the characters are lovable, and … If usually the female character in the harem anime is depicted as a person who always depends on the main male character, Tears to Tiara is present against that stigma, friend. This is a truly memorable anime film and it’s based on actual events. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! This anime is so sad that even the well-known critic, Roger Ebert, admitted that it moved him to tears. In their commander Isami Kondou’s absence, vice-commander Toshizou Hijikata steps in as acting commander. The gorgeous art, sad soundtrack, great characters, and deep emotions will not let you stand up from the screen. This ghost anime drama brings up a lot of struggles we tend to go through when losing someone.

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